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poetry. in. everything [entries|friends|calendar]
random and oh.so.lovely.

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[07 Aug 2006|08:02pm]


When I think I can’t
I know it is time to pause,
To clear the cobwebs of old think.
I know that I can.
I know that one step makes a difference.
So I put the question out.
Then I listen and let it be.
The step I need will come to me.
I commit to being open
To stepping into the flow
Of what is to be.
I can. I will.
I am making a masterpiece of this day.


[26 Feb 2006|10:08pm]


(1 paper heartcutmeout)

I like this [30 Jul 2005|10:35pm]


Be poetry. Make an impression. Be unforgettableCollapse )

found in glamourbombs and originally typed/posted by warholstar


The Gears of Something Timeless [30 Jul 2005|08:19pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've been combing the butterflies out of my hair for years, but they just seem to keep coming back until I'm starting to think I'm missing something, or maybe it's just pointless like you said but then there's only one more layer of dust needed to coat over the gloss paint on my ceramic lips before we can touch again, because we both know anything sooner would be a nightmare gone wrong
so. please.

be patient while I sip the tea out of this same porcelain teacup you said didn't exist five years ago to the day and remember what I told you about counting or just tell the (what color was he again? I can't remember...) rabbit on your way out that I found his precious clock

and smashed it.

(refrenced to Alice in Wonderland, created by me)

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[29 Jul 2005|01:45am]

Cold rains falls upon our bodies
Pressed against yours
Draw your lips to mine
Please don't hesitate longer
Wrap your arms around me
Keep me warm in your hold
Kiss me so I fall into your world
Love me so I know you're in my life
I've never felt more alive

Written in five minutes cause I remembered suddenly my first kiss in the rain with my boyfriend. Simply amazing. The kiss, not the poem

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Layout [29 Jul 2005|01:37am]

[ mood | giddy ]

I spent today playing with the layout.

I'll start posting things soon.

Anyone else can jump right in and start posting things.

Lovely little anythings.

♥ -the mod (*has a giggle fit over calling myself the mod*)


and once upon a time, a little girl made a community [28 Jul 2005|01:16am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

For readers and writers and make-believe liars.

Post pretty things.


(see info)

Oh and P.S. If anyone would like to make a different layout for the community... I would love you forever. and ever. ♥

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